Vanya Taule'alo – Artist in Samoa

December 17, 2010

The Togo Series works based on Samoan Mangroves and issues of Climate Change

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  1. Artists Statement
    This body of work, Togo Samoa, is based on the mangroves of Samoa. I wonder at their forms and ethereal beauty, and lament the destruction of their habitat. I am greatly concerned about the environment and climate change and see mangroves as one of our most vulnerable, fragile and at risk ecosystems. Mangrove forests are found between the sea and land and are well adapted to diverse conditions. They protect the coastal areas, provide the breeding grounds for marine biodiversity and wildlife and act as an excellent storage for carbon. Mangrove wetlands have provided both protection and food to our island communities and contribute extensively to inter-reef food sources.

    The rapid destruction and degradation of the mangrove habitats and estuaries should be of major concern to the Samoan people. These unique ecosystems are threatened by human development endangering these declining habitats. The effects of climate change, sea level rise, erosion, salinity changes and sand mining have damaged the mangroves and coastal ecosystem. Growing numbers of people on the coastal areas have continued to put pressure on mangrove wetlands. Dumping rubbish and reclamation of the swamps for development is irreversibly destroying the mangrove forests. Factories also pollute the mangroves by discharging their waste directly in to them, causing destruction of the mangrove environments.

    Comment by vanyataulealo — December 17, 2010 @ 3:12 am | Reply

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