Vanya Taule'alo – Artist in Samoa

August 12, 2011

Reflections of Samoa exhibtion – artist Karina Fay – opening at the Vanya Taule’alo Gallery August 17- 24th

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Reflections of Samoa Exhibition with artist and designer Karina Fay – at The Vanya Taule’alo Gallery


This is the second trip to Samoa for New Zealand artist Karina Fay – the first time was with her family for a christmas holiday at the end of 2008.  This time she is back over here with her husband Brendan  to exhibit her artwork Reflections of Samoa at The Vanya Taule’alo Gallery in Si’usega and to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversay – at the beautiful Seabreeze Resort on the south coast of Upolu.   A place she has dreamed of returning to since their first holiday in Samoa.

Wanting to exhibit in Samoa, Karina contacted artist Dr Vanya Taule’alo in March with the possibility of exhibiting artwork in her newly opened gallery and  studio in Si’usega, Apia .  She was delighted to be accepted as a guest artist and this is her first solo exhibition. Karina views Samoa as a wonderful country to showcase her artwork, she looks forward to the opportunity of meeting with and talking to other local artists and designers and hopes to see many of them at her gallery opening.

Reflections of Samoa has been inspired by time spent in Samoa, the natural beauty of the landscape and special people she  met along the way. Karina reflects that

“Samoa is a delightful country like no other and  has a deep spirit that embraces the heart.”  She adds,

“I have been touched by the lifestyle,  the culture,  the generosity and acceptance I felt from the Samoan people”.

The works exhibited in the Reflections of Samoa Exhibition reflect Karina’s journey and experiences of the land and the sea. She is in awe of the colours and natural beauty of the Samoan landscape and vegetation. At the same time she finds inspiration in the harsh and hostile landscape of the lava fields of Savaii. Karina was made aware of the vulnerability of island nations and their exposure to increasing changing and violent weather patterns. She captures these events in artworks that show a swirling and changing landscape devastated by storms. Her works depict her personal response to Samoan culture, the people, the natural environment, and how the laughter, love and life stand firm within the spirit of the Samoan people no matter what happens.


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